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Ensure optimal Voice Customer Experience in your contact centre

Are you truly delivering the customer experience that your customers want? Chances are that your voice performance is not being measured and monitored on an ongoing basis.

Your customer experience is everything. Organizations are always concerned with delivering optimal voice customer experience. Our technical expertise and innovative testing services, combined with the latest contact centre technologies, have enabled us to deliver high value testing services across multiple industries. Our mission is to ensure you deliver quality to your customers after deployment.

More than


reduction in IVR testing time

β€œAutomated Monitoring & Testing system has reduced our IVR testing time by more than 80% and significantly improved the customer experience and quality of the solutions that we deliver to our enterprise customers.”

- Associate Director at a large Telco

Are you testing your Cloud Contact Centre Migration?

Many organizations choose to migrate their call centre to cloud for numerous benefits such as scalability, cost, integration and many more. The migration process however can be challenging due to a complex infrastructure which can take many months to over a year long.

Some of the common problems that occur during cloud migration include:

  • Reduced control of applications by client; How to ensure your changes/updates will work as expected prior to launch?
  • Cloud vendors may be performing platform updates from time to time; How to ensure these vendor updates will not break your current voice system?

Our end-to-end assurance testing solutions are here to assure the quality of your migration. All our solutions are compatible with any cloud-based contact centre platform, so let us help you accelerate and assure your migration throughout the entire development lifecycle.

Health Check

Health Checks

A quick and cost-effective assessment of your customer experience from IVR, NLU, voice bots, routing all the way to the agent desktop experience performance. Identify and understand the issues and provide recommendations to resolve problems faster to minimize the impact on your customer and your contact centre.

Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring

Continuous IVR customer experience monitoring to enable you to identify and resolve problems faster and minimize impacts to your customer and your contact centre. Uses AIMT to place calls into your IVR environment and can test any IVR/voice systems including Cisco, Genesys, Avaya, Nuance and other platforms.

Load Soak Testing

Load / Soak Testing

Peak-load IVR performance assessment to ensure your IVR and telecom infrastructure will deliver a good customer experience during your busiest hours. 1000’s of stimulation calls will be placed with our Automated Testing Platform.

Functional Testing

A thorough testing of your IVR system, agent and email routing and custom reports to ensure they are up-to-date, accurate and reliable. Automated Testing Platform (AIMT) supports rigorous testing, while reducing costs and cycle times.

End-To-End Desktop Testing

End-to-End Desktop Testing

From the initial customer phone call, to routing then to agent desktop, every aspect of the end-to-end customer journey will be thoroughly tested. Testing of the physical desktop to ensure routing and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) perform correctly.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Our testing specialists from DependableIT will manually carry out testing to ensure your voice system is delivering a seamless customer experience through Test Plans, Test Calls, Execute Reports and Tasks.

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The Benefits of CATS

Identify & Solve Problems Faster

Rapid Resolution

Rapid testing, problem identification and resolution.



All our solutions are flexible with any type of voice system.

Accurate Testing

Accurate Testing

Our solutions ensure thorough, consistent and accurate testing.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

More self-serve and reduced zero-outs.

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