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Empower your agents with the tools to help them succeed

The relationship between agents and their organization is an often overlooked one. Most focus is put on customer experiences, but what happens when you value your agents and customers alike?


more empowered to solve customer issues

Companies that can keep service agents on the job longer not only reduce operating costs but also improve customer satisfaction.

- McKinsey&Company, Excellence in the Digital Age

Workplace System Ergonomics

Connex is committed to helping our clients humanize and optimize their work environments.

Workforce Optimization

Leverage industry leading Workforce Optimization tools from partners Verint, Genesys, Five9 and Salesforce. These tools have been developed specifically to:

  • Enable agents to schedule their work with mobility, flexibility and adherence to organizational requirements.
  • Proactively provide interactive, in-call guidance.
  • Monitor quality, adherence and execution of their work.
  • Empower agents to provide constructive feedback that will further improve their work environment.

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Connex IICE: Interactive Intelligent Customer Engagement

Connex IICE is a homegrown ecosystem that focuses on a productive and positive agent journey.

IICE gives agents real-time, context-sensitive, step-by-step instructions at their fingertips through a single, intuitive UI, while managing complex backend systems in parallel.

IICE drives efficiency, FCR and adherence in every agent interaction, thus reducing overhead and risk.

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Desktop Process Analytics (DPA)

Desktop Process Analytics allows your business to gain visibility into your agent desktop activities, application usage, processes, and schedule adherence to help reveal hidden capacity and increase productivity in your contact centre.

These insights help improve your operational efficiency, reduce costs and liability, and enhance the customer experience.

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Why Agent Engagement?

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Agent Retention

Valuable expertise is an incalculable loss, especially to a competitor. Agent attrition averages 30-45% and costs at least 25-30% of benefits and salary paid.

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Operational Efficiency

As agent skills grow and mature, so does organizational efficiency. In the contact centre, such skills easily propagate through a team, multiplying operational efficiency.

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Grow Your Organization

Employees engaged in the success of your enterprise are more creative, dedicated and successful. They ensure the success and future of the Enterprise.

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Self Service

Enhance customer experience by providing your customers with tools to autheticate and service themselves.

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Team Collaboration

See how your business can benefit from unified communications.

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See the latest insights and resources that will help your business enhance customer experience.

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