Product Innovation & Transformation (PIT) Crew

Our Product Innovation & Transformation Team (PIT Crew) is made up of senior resources with decades of experience in technology. They have extensive design, development, deployment and operational experience. Having worked for leading software, telecommunication and commercial contact centre companies, they are well equipped to evaluate and assess emerging technologies and trends. The PIT Crew is committed to working with our clients to design, evaluate and implement the best possible operational solution(s) taking into consideration immediate, short term and long term objectives and constraints.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Experience has taught the PIT Crew to focus first on understanding Business Objectives and the Operational Imperatives required to meet those Objectives prior to designing or recommending Solutions. By taking into consideration both: the client’s immediate, short and long term objectives and constraints; and established leading edge and emerging technology/companies, the PIT Crew is able to put forward pragmatic agnostic operational and technology solutions that that will meet real world needs and stand the test of time.

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Contact Centre Assessment

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Business Case Development

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Maximize Existing Solutions

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Technology Vendor Assessment

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Technical Help Desk Assessment

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Custom Services

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Expectation-Trend Analysis

The PIT Crew focuses on all leading edge and emerging technologies, companies and trends that directly or indirectly impact customer communications. The expansion of 0mnichannel customer communications, applied Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, cyber security and the virtualization of the workplace has forced everyone to re-evaluate their strategies and tactics. It is a time of great opportunity, but with opportunity always comes risk. Connex is committed to working with its clients to mitigate these risks and ensure true value from their investments.

Design New Trends

Design NEW Solutions

Our PIT Crew have adopted an agile approach to assessing, designing and deploying new solutions. Working closely and interactively with our clients, the final solutions are collaborative in nature, taking advantage of the expertise and participation of all parties. Quite often new recommendations are initially developed in either our labs, our client’s labs and as prototypes to help validate the concept (PoC) and operational design. These initial PoCs may then be expanded to a pilot to further mitigate risk and ensure success, prior to going live in production. Our aim is to design unique customer journeys and business/technology roadmap that is aligned to your business needs.

Continuous Improvements

Continuous Improvements

Technology is not static nor is the world we live in. Both necessitate that operations and the technology that supports them is constantly re-evaluated for opportunities to drive greater efficiency and improved customer experience. Too often new technology that is deployed is only marginally utilized and rarely is the full potential of that technology realized. Continuous improvement involves both the optimization of operational processes and supporting technology. Quite often, the greatest ROI comes not from investment in new technology but the optimal use of existing technology.

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Customer Journey Mapping

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