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Connex Enterprise Communications Solutions
Our telephony and converged IP solutions deliver seamless, scalable real-time business communications with unprecedented flexibility in telephony application deployments to meet and exceed customer expectations, timetables and budgets.

  • Single-site large/ campus deployment (400-200,000+ users)
  • Single-site small-medium deployment (20-400 users)
  • Multi-site large/campus deployment (200-200,000+ users)
  • Multi-site small-medium deployment (20-400 users)
Connex Network Solutions
Connex is Canada's largest independent interconnect. As a non-telco, Connex has the ability to integrate not only multiple hardware environments but can also be integrated into best of breed carrier environments.

  • Our customers receive customer care, including "Boutique" 24 x 7 x 365 SLAs
  • Connex leverages wholesale (not retail) relationships with ILEC and CLEC providers
  • Multi-carrier solutions without the "relationship and billing" complexity
Connex Infrastructure Solutions
At Connex we strongly believe that a company’s network is only as good as its infrastructure. We offer our clients a full range of infrastructure services including the following:
  • Inside Plant Voice, Data, Video Cabling – Cat5e, Cat6, 10Gig
  • Inside Plant Fibre Cabling
  • Data Centre Solutions
  • Outside Plant Fibre Cabling– Underground and Aerial
  • Wireless Network Deployment
  • RCDD Design Services
  • CAS Services
  • MAC (Moves / Add / Changes)
  • Single & Multi Site Construction
Connex Managed Services
Connex Managed Services is comprised of a comprehensive, integrated suite of services to manage our client’s IT computing environment as a single entity - all with single point-of accountability. These services consist of:
  • Desktop Management Solutions
  • Managed Server Solutions
  • Network Management Solutions
  • Managed Security Solutions
  • Data Center Migration Solutions
  • Cloud Based Solutions
Connex News               Due to Connex's rapid growth, we are now hiring nationwide

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