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There is a growing pressure on government agencies to modernize their IT environment to provide their services more effectively. The implementation of modern digital technologies in the public sector provides benefits to the sector and it’s citizens alike. Instead of asking citizens to navigate complex organizational structures and bureaucratic processes, Connex can help you design and implement services that provide a unified view of the citizen. Treating your citizens like customers helps you provide streamlined interactions while preserving public trust.


impacted by digital technology

Three-fourths of the surveyed respondents said that digital technologies are disrupting the public sector; nearly all (96%) characterized the impact on their domain as significant.

- Deloitte Global Survey on Digital Transformation

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Customer Experience (CX)

Whether it’s web, messaging, phone, chat or social media, citizens are leveraging digital channels more and more to interact with all areas of government across all touchpoints. With omnichannel solutions, it allows you to improve transparency among your employees while creating a truly personalized experience for your citizens.

Digital Transformation (DX)

With digital transformation, your citizens will be able to get all the information they need at their fingertips over any channel at anytime. You will also get a 360 view of your citizen through every touchpoint. This allows you to gather these insights to provide unique, timely and personalized information for your citizens. Ultimately, Connex wants your citizens to appreciate your communication and to find it helpful. We will design and develop the solutions to successfully help you transform.

Risk and Compliance Management

Security is a key factor in managing your contact centre. Manage the fraud process with better and faster authentication with solutions such as multi-factor authentication, behavioral analytics and voice biometrics. With the evolving technology environment, government services are facing an ongoing risk with security issues such as data breach and hackers. To ensure citizen information is kept secure and confidential, cryptographic lifecycle management will help you identify and manage all the threats in the digital space.

Agent Engagement

Time to refocus on why things are done the way they are and find ways to improve. Whether it is revamping a workforce optimization or implementing new solutions to empower your employees, Connex will help you tackle all your problems. Let us help you simplify the existing processes to get things done quicker while preserving citizen trust and enhancing the citizen-customer journey.

Team Collaboration

Utilize a Unified Communications solution to bring together all the ways that the government communicates, which ultimately enhances operational efficiency. An all-in-one integrated application to unify your business phone system to multiple communication tools. This will better serve your citizens and be more efficient.

IT Solutions (Municipal Government)

At Connex, we provide industry leading structured cabling systems including fiber optic, copper and specialty cable products. We have a team of certified expertise that can work for the government. We understand a solid infrastructure is the core foundation of every high-performance network. Connex is continuously evolving to exceed both your current and future telecommunications infrastructure needs.

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