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Job Postings - Technical & Customer Support

CSR – Customer Service Representative
Location Toronto, Montreal
Reports to Team Leader – Customer Care
Department Customer Service
Primary Function The CSR position is the first point of contact for our customers, whether by phone, or by e-mail, this position enters orders, assists the customer in ordering equipment, schedules the order and bills it once complete.
  • Provides timely and professional service to our Maintenance and T&M customers via phone calls or email requests.
  • Obtains sufficient and accurate information to insure high quality order issuance for timely and profitable completion by technicians
  • Close work orders on completion verifying work completed and sufficient information has been submitted for accurate billing
  • Review personal grid weekly in SIMS to follow up on orders not completed and why to avoid delay and customer dissatisfaction
  • Work as a team taking calls from Customer Service and VIP Q’s/process requests sent to Connex service for customers looking for service/MAC work for all branches.
  • Create work orders for above mentioned branches, send to dispatcher to be dispatched to appropriate area for completion
  • Answers Customer Service calls in a timely and professional manner
  • Obtains sufficient and adequate information from callers to ensure ticket can be completed by the technician in a timely manner without repeat calls or escalation
  • Create ticket in SIMS, provide caller with work order number and scheduled date
  • Timely response to Connex Service mailbox requests assigned, adds work order number, scheduled date and responds to customer with same information
  • Attach customer/sales emails and POs to work order
  • Insure that work orders are printed and put into status 125 for dispatching
  • Add notes to work orders when required to keep up to date
  • Close work orders upon completion with accurate information for billing
  • Print call owner’s grid and follow up on outstanding work orders on a weekly basis to insure that date given to customer is not missed, also to insure that invoicing occurs when work orders are completed
  • Use appropriate Call Center status when not taking calls eg: “away from desk”, “at lunch” etc, to report true and proper statistics
  • Follow all processes including Escalations, and Dispatch
  • Previous experience in customer service, preferably a call centre environment
Personal Contacts
  • Daily -takes calls through the call center and deals with outside customers of varying levels of knowledge of telecom. Depending on level of knowledge of contact, calls can be quick or longer if the contact is not familiar with telecom and there is a need to draw out information to insure proper order issuance and timely completion
  • Deals with sales, technicians, dispatch and contractors from all branches –These contacts have a higher level of knowledge so telecom background can be an asset
Equipment Used
  • SIMS
  • Word, excel
  • Outlook
  • Servers
Environment Offices
Supervision Given None
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