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Connex Careers
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Connex is on its way to being one of Canada's largest independent communincations providers. We are a fast-growing company and are currently expanding our national presence across Canada.

Connex employees work in an energetic environment which fuels the passion and talents of those who wish to accomplish great goals. Our employees are some of the brightest and most talented from around the world who share our vision and are eager to channel their energy into achieving great results, developing new skills and discovering new talents.

Connex is Expanding & Hiring

We’re growing fast, and on the lookout for 55 talented new team members to join our national locations.

  • Project Managers
  • Project Co-ordinators
  • Sales Engineers
  • Data/Network Technicians
  • Voice Technicians
  • Cable Technicians
  • Infrastructure Managers

Our employees are the ambassadors of CONNEX with clients and business partners. Their skills, integrity and sense of responsibility are the keys to our success. Training for all employees, regardless of their function in our organization is considered a priority. In addition, our pay scale is competitive and we offer a full range of benefits.

Are you interested in enriching your work experience? We need people like you - passionate and committed. If you want to join our team, submit your resume

Connex Careers

Managerial positionsManagerial
Available managerial positions in various departments.
Current Positions: (2)

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Sales and admin positionsSales & Administrative
Available sales and administrative positions
Current Positions: (2)

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Field technician positionsField Technicians
Available positions in the area systems installation and service.
Current Positions: (3)

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Available positions in operations.
Current Positions: (2)

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Engineering positionsEngineering & Systems Design
Available positiolns in the area systems engineering and design.
Current Positions: (1)

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Support positiolnsTechnical & Customer Support
Available positions in the area of technical support.
Current Positions: (1)

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